fair trade

What is Fair Trade ?? 


Fair Trade is about stable prices, decent and fair working conditions and the empowerment of farmers and workers.

In essence what does it mean ??

Well for the consumer you know that you are buying something that has been sourced, grown, harvested by people who are treated fairly, paid fairly, and more important are not exploited for their offerings.


For the people on the farm, or in our case the families on the reservation, it means they are paid fairly and treated fairly.  But not only this, they know they receive back assistance and guidance to further develop the industry they create for the people like you around the world.


To see the fair trade commission give back the community on the reservation in the way of buildings and structures, power and education, to further develop what they have provide gives us all a sense of knowing that they are being well treated. 


For us we know that this community that we have paired with will thrive into the future and watch as their children are well educated for the future ahead.  We see the difference being fair trade makes each and every time we re-visit the community. 

If your coffee is not fair trade certified like Organic Wood Fired Coffee, you need to ask why ?

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