Do you know the full story of what is in your coffee cup ??

We certainly do....  And we want to share it with you...

Perched high up the in the Colombian mountain ranges, where the air is crisp, clean and free of pollutants there is a small group of indigenous family villages that hand pick and process their coffee. 

For generations these families have grown the highest quality certified organic coffee.  Each coffee cherry is hand picked and processed lovingly in the clean mountain ranges.

All family members are involved in the process from the cultivation, picking, drying and packing. 

Only the best 100% Arabica Coffee beans are grown, and only the highest quality make it into each and every package for you to enjoy when the coffee desire comes calling.

Colombia is well known as the being the origin of some of the highest quality and well known coffee distributed to every corner of the world.  As a country, Colombia first began exporting coffee in 1985 with around 2,500 bags per year.  Now, today, Colombia exports more than 11,000,000 bags per year, which equates to 827,000 tonnes per year.

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